Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Mattias was invited to speak at ELCAF, East London Comics and Arts Festival, and the rest of us tagged along, Rosa, Olivia and Olivias friend Julia. Also Jens, Mattias' publisher/graphic designer, joined us for a couple of days. We all stayed in this fabulous former-church-now-apartements in Camden. We found it via Airbnb, great if you want to rent an apartement on your vacation instead of staying at a hotel.  

View of the nice pub across the street from Olivia's and Julias' bedroom

Walking to Camden Lock Market

Mattias sold and signed his books Second in Line and the newest one Larger than Line at the festival. Both books sold out! So he didn't have to lug 25 kg of books back home again...  Larger than Line was fresh from the printer (Jens brought them with him, Mattias hadn't seen them yet).

Shopping and eating

Fish and chips

Chipotle (Mattias is one the illustraters for their bags, but apparently only the American ones, not the British).

Rosa and I tried a cyber sushi restaurant, but it was so complicated, cold inside and expensive, we ended up leaving... 

Desserts at Belgos!


Grants museum of Zoology

Victoria & Albert, the Fashion exhibition, I especially liked the shoes

A paper dress from the 60's

Tate Britain. Here we saw one of the most inspiring exhibitions ever: British Folk Art. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photographs of that exhibition. Phyllida Barlow was also amazing, her monumental pieces very impressive.

Next was Tate Modern. We took the boat there from Tate Britain - nice view from the water. Louise Bourgois' sculptures are fascinating, I didn't know of her prints and textiles. There was a whole exhibition with drawings, prints, textile collages and paintings. Wonderful!

One evening we dropped the girls off at the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Mattias and I ended up at Covent Garden, sipping bubbly wine and listening to a quartet play live classical music. Both parties were very satisfied with their evenings.

The full moon shone into our apartement. Felt like a huge eye watching over us. 
Ah, London, can't wait to go there again...

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Spent two nice days with Swedish television visiting my studio and exhibition at Kaleido Konsthantverk
A small feature will appear in the programme "Sverige!" this coming fall. 

Kolla på "Sverige!" i höst!
I två dagar har Christer Zaar och Martine Castoriano filmat och intervjuat, i ateljén hemma och i galleriet på  

Kaleido Konsthantverk, mycket trevligt har det varit. Resultatet blir ett inslag i kulturprogrammet i SVT1 under hösten!

Friday, May 23, 2014

my first ever review! and a new japanese paper book

My first ever review, in UNT, Upsala Nya Tidning! You can read it here if you find the text too small in the image. 
My exhibition, flux - in constant change at Kaleido Konsthantverk, is on for another week until June 1st. Welcome!

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Below is a copy of the beautiful Japanese book Europe Paper Collection - just arrived in the mail yesterday!
It's written in Japanese so I don't understand a word, but the pictures are nice to look at :)

The book features a selection of artists, designers, bookbinders etc, from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy and England, all working with paper in different ways; art, design, letterpress, stationary, cards and more. I am one of three features from Sweden. Proud and honored!

you can order it from Pie International

my first spread

my second spread

Koloni Stockholm, Sweden

Marimekko, Finland

Rob Ryan, England